Media coverage


AAAS/Science video on vampire bat rabies control
GlobalPost coverage of rabies outbreaks in the Peruvian Amazon
National Geographic vampire bat video
PLoS Pathogens video from Stoner Duncan et al. 2014
NSF – Butterflies and Bats Reveal Clues About Spread of Infectious Disease


Science Perspective by David Hayman covering our PNAS paper on invasions of vampire bat rabies
‘In Our Blood’ University of Glasgow Avenue Magazine coverage of bat rabies research
Coverage of Blackwood et al (2013) PNAS in Nature
Coverage of Streicker et al. (2012) Proc B in Nature


Popular Science (October 30, 2017) on invasions of vampire bats and rabies
NPR Goats and Soda (September 13, 2016)
Wellcome Trust Researcher Spotlight
The Conversation (June 8, 2016)
University of Glasgow World Changing Research


BYU Radio’s Constant Wonder Podcast (2019)
Naturally Speaking Podcast on inferring the origins of emerging RNA viruses from their genome sequences (2019)
CVR Contagious Thinking Podcast ‘Back with the vampires in Peru’
University of Glasgow Naturally Speaking Podcast on effects of resource provisioning on wildlife disease (Becker et al. 2015 Ecology Letters)
Science & SciLifeLab Prize Interview (white tie!)
AAAS/Science Magazine Podcast
BBC interview following rabies outbreaks in Amazonas, Peru (2011)

Video lectures

2015 National Geographic Explorers Symposium


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