New grants!

2 new grants this week to study infectious disease dynamics in vampire bats

NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant: “Consequences of resource heterogeneity for immune defense, connectivity, and rabies dynamics in vampire bats” to Dan Becker

Dan Becker was awarded $19k from the US National Science for expanding his work on how resource provisioning affects health and disease transmission in vampire bats. The new grant will allow Dan to develop new studies focusing on how livestock intensification  in Latin America affects antiviral immunity, bat population genetic structure and the spread of rabies. Collaborators are Daniel Streicker and Sonia Altizer.


CONCYTEC Basic Research Grant: “The role of the vampire bat in the transmission of bacteria resistant to antibiotics used in humans and livestock”

A new grant from the Peruvian Council of Science, Technology and Technological Innovation and the has awarded our team, composed of researchers from the University of Glasgow and Cayetano Heredia University in Lima (UPCH), Peru a grant of S/.400,000 (= £80,000) to study whether antibiotic resistant bacteria are transmitted between vampire bats and livestock.  Collaborators are Julio Benavides and Daniel Streicker (Glasgow) and Carlos Shiva and Nestor Falcon (UPCH).






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